Bloggy Giveaway Take Two

by Megan on January 26, 2009

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Oh, what the heck. Here's another giveaway. This time EVERYBODY wins! I write for a publication called God's World News, and WORLD Magazine Online. God's World News is like WORLD for kids. There are four levels available:

  • Early Edition (PreK-1st grade)
  • Taking Off (2nd-3rd grade)
  • News Current (4th-5th grade)
  • Top Story (6th-9th grade)

Right now anybody can order a sample issue of any level of God's World News for free. Click here for details.

In addition to the free hard copy sample, you can download a full-length version of all four mags digitally by clicking here. The issues highlighted in red are the ones free for anyone to download.


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Important Note: Okay, I have no idea what's going on. I can place an order without entering a credit card number, but I've heard from some of you that you still aren't able. If you can't get your order to go through, email me at halfpinthouse at gmail dot com with your address and sample request and I'll submit it on your behalf.

Sorry for the trouble!