1) I posted the link to the Chapter 11 discussion of Through His Eyes; God's Perspective on Women in the Bible last night, but something went wonky this morning and I pulled it down. I'll fix it later but in the meantime, here's the link again.

2) I have a post up on WORLDMag.com right now on marriage and the governor of South Carolina.

3) Craig's home. Yay!

4) That bit about live interactions versus virtual ones? It is still happening and getting better. I have a couple of friends getting together on Tuesday nights to watch the Institute for Excellence in Writing Structure and Style DVDs. The videos last between 80-120 minutes each night, yet our time goes from 7-11. Because we talk and talk and talk until about 9 and eventually turn on the DVD to fulfill our "purpose". Really? The video series is fantastic. But the fellowship is even better.

5) My Classical Conversations group is growing and growing and growing. I'm getting excited and nervous.

6) We're going to the farm tomorrow night with some friends for a little pre-July 4th fun. We'll come back to STL Saturday afternoon and this year I AM taking the girls to see some kind of display somewhere. Last year we didn't do that and they really wanted to and even now I can't remember why we decided not to do that, but I don't think it would hurt anything to do it this year so I'll figure it out.

7) That is all for now.

Happy 4th of July weekend!!

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