Review: Fashion Playtes

by Megan on September 15, 2011

in Kids, Reviews

Picture 16I should have posted this review months ago, but I always hesitate when I can't give a glowing review and then I put it off for a long time. It's time. I need to do this, so here I go.

The concept behind Fashion Playtes is a fantastic one. I really think it is. They have several designs you (or your daughters) can choose from and from there you get to pick the fabric and any embellishments you want. Every extra thing you do adds to the price, but you can really keep this fairly budget friendly if you want to.

The shirt we got really is still cute, but the quality of the construction lacks. Now then, I have the eyes of a seamstress, so what I look for in quality may not be what everyone else does, but it shouldn't matter, quality should be top notch no matter what. Granted, the shirt we designed looked pretty great straight out of the package, but I knew the second I looked at it that after one wash we would have curling around the edges ot eh sleeves and the bodice. 

Now then, curling doesn't seem to bother my kids and they still wear this shirt a lot, so that's a pro for Fashion Playtes. But here's the shirt several months later:

Picture 15
I love the style, I love the fabric, I love the ribbons. But they didn't even hem it at all. The edges are finished with a regular serger stitch and that curling you see has been happening from the very first time it came out of the wash.

So, all that to say this: I think they have a great concept going on, but I think they need to rethink the quality of construction just a bit more.  If they do that, they will have a fantastic product.

Disclosure: We received the shirt you see above for the purpose of review. I posted my honest thoughts about it.  I keep a proper disclosure statement available here.