Giveaway: Freaky Pets! Stuffed Animal Plus Digital Book

by Megan on October 21, 2011

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Have you heard of Freaky Pets? Think cuddley transformers meet Webkinz. Kinda. Basically, it’s a plush monster that’s cute on one side and cranky on the other. You can flip it to choose your mood. The toy line also has an interactive online world too. You can register for an account there right now – your first pet is free. Other pets can be added via a code that comes on the stuffed monsters.

Here’s a little pictoral tutorial of how this works:

Above you see M8’s Freaky Pet looking all attached at the back. That’s because they are. The purple side is cute, the maroon side is cranky.

Picture 9
Here’s the cute side all by itself.

Picture 10

Here he is from the back:

Picture 11

Now the transformation begins:

Picture 12
And the transformation is just about complete:

Picture 13

And done!

Picture 14

Now then – the real question is can they make this transformation from cute to cranky THIS evident in my actual kids? I might be willing to pay big bucks for that… Ahem.

There are ten different Freaky Pets to choose from and most of them are pretty cute. At least one one side. *grin*

Freaky Pets also has a new digital book, It’s All in The Moves. This book will be available as an App on iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android, Google Chrome, Google TV and on MeeGenius! The book, written by Galya Torres and illustrated by Catherine Hagerty, highlights the beloved Freaky Pet character- Puff Puff, in both ‘cute’ and ‘cranky’ modes.  It’s All in The Moves teaches basic life lessons about patience, perseverance and turning challenges into learning experiences.

Picture 15
Now for the giveaway. One of you will win your own stuffed Freaky Pet and access to the digital book right now. Entry is through the Rafflecopter form below:

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Disclosure: We received two Freaky Pets for the purpose of review. The first one I saw was in cranky mode and I wasn’t super impressed. When we flipped him he was MUCH cuter and I finally understood the concept.  I keep a proper disclosure statement available here.