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by Megan on December 31, 2011

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We haven't been dog owners for very long, in the whole grand scheme of things. We've had a lot of reasons why. Primarily, babies. We had a prolonged period of very small people inhabiting our house. Trying to remember to feed both children and animals at the same time didn't seem like a reasonable expectation on us, so we opted out.

Then one year we found Peaches. Or Peaches found us, rather. She had been left in south St. Louis, tied to a stop sign, with a note announcing her name and that she'd had some shots. We weren't the ones who actually found her, but we were the ones who ended up with her. That was in August 2010. That November we traveled to the farm for Thanksgiving and while the rest of us ate turkey and apple pie, Peaches did this:

Picture 13
The poor puppy slept the entire weekend because we decided Thanksgiving was a good time to get her fixed and have her shots updated. Poor, poor peaches.

Here we are, one year later. If Peaches had any lingering bad memories over her first Thanksgiving with us, they seem to have long disappeared. In fact, we moved this summer, from St. Louis to Oklahoma City. Our new house came with a new dog. We now have both Peaches AND Boomer:

Picture 14
You can see Peaches in the back left corner and Boomer is in front. For Thanksgiving this year, we dropped both dogs off at my parents' house on our way to the farm because it didn't seem to make a lot of sense to take both dogs with us for a 20-hour round trip car trip. My parents decorate for Christmas earlier than almost everyone else and so their tree was already up when we showed up at their house that Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Boomer is normally a super great dog. He's really sweet. His only fault is his super nasty breath, but I digress.

Boomer walked into my parents' house, went right up to their Christmas tree, and marked it. You know what I'm saying? He totally peed on my parents' Christmas tree less than two minutes after walking into their house.

Y'all, it's a fake tree.

Equal parts hilarious and appauling is what that was. Fortunately my dad has a decent sense of humor and plenty of pet carpet cleaner, so he took care of the situation. And my parents still agreed to keep Boomer and Peaches both while we drove to Illinois for Thanksgiving.

Good times, good times.

Boomer seems to be getting up there a bit in years which makes us all a bit sad. He may have come with our house, but he moved into our hearts. We think we have the world's greatest dogs and we know how lucky we are to have such good ones. Sometimes taking a chance on life's surprises is the very best thing of all.

I am sharing my pet holiday memory in tandem with DogFenceDiy the invisible fence alternative. DogFenceDiy wants every pooch to have a comfortable and safe holiday season.

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