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by Megan on March 21, 2012

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I have a friend who HATES it when people say they are having "breakfast for dinner." His rational? Breakfast can only be the first meal of the day – that which happens when you "break your fast" from the night.

Okay. I get it. But I really enjoy and frequently rely on serving foods normally served during the breakfast slot for dinner and I have no problems whatsoever with calling it "Breakfast for Dinner." So sue me.

I was recently given the opportunity to try the new line of Breakfast Bread Bowls from Tyson and charged with the mission of creating a yummy, quick dinner with them for my family. Done and done!

I found these #TysonBreakfast Bread Bowls in the frozen section of my local Sam's Club with the other individually wrapped breakfast sandwich items:

Picture 1
They come in a box of 12 and cost $9.68 per box. On the day I went to Sam's Club with my two youngest daughters, we ran into this character who wanted to be in one of the photos I was taking for this project, so he posed for me. Silly man.

Picture 2
You can experience the rest of our Sam's Club experience, including what we had for lunch and the funny pineapple-fish display we saw during our visit via this Google+ photo album!

By the way, the sample guy won me over and we did come home with the box of Super Pretzels. We also chose some fresh fruit to make a fruit salad for our dinner, some OJ, and some sweet breads for a "breakfasty" dessert.

Picture 3
I ended up purchasing two boxes of the Breakfast Bread Bowls (We got the kind with egg, bacon, and cheese – YUMMY!) because there are six of us and my oldest daughter was having a friend over that night. I thought we might need more than 12. I thought wrong. These were pretty filling! More on that below.

Picture 4
Because I purchased two boxes of these and only have the little freezer above my fridge for storage, I kind of panicked when I got home and realized there was no way I could get both boxes in with everything else I already had in there! I also had a moment of realization upon seeing the words "microwaveable" on the box. We don't have a microwave! Normally, this isn't an issue because most things include instructions for both a microwave and a conventional or toaster oven, but these only had microwave instructions included.

I was able to stuff one box in my freezer and decided to leave the other one out to start thawing out a bit since I was going to have to wing it on the conventional oven. There were seven of us eating and I prepared an entire box – 12. Just so you know, we had four left over for "real" breakfast the next day!

To prepare these, I took them out of their plastic wrappers and put four of them together on a piece of foil. I wrapped the foil around to make little packets.

Picture 5
My 8-year-old made the fruit salad. She loves to be in the kitchen and took over the task of preparing fruit salads several months ago. She's more than happy to help.

Picture 6
The bread bowls took a little longer to cook in the oven than I initially estimated. I was thinking they would need about 20 minutes on 375 and they needed about 35 minutes. Guess they weren't as thawed out as I was thinking they were! E8 and I set the table with all of our breakfast-for-dinner goodies and then called everyone in:

Picture 7
Everyone agreed. These Tyson Breakfast Bread Bowls were awesome. And, as I mentioned before, they were filling. I thought four or five of us would eat two and three or four of us would eat one. As it turned out, only one of us ate two. The rest of us were fine with just one. And there was nothing left over on the plates. That's always a good sign around here that my kids actually liked what I served!

Picture 8
They were even good re-heated again the next morning. And great…now that I've pulled this post together late at night, I'm suddenly hungry for one of these right now!! Lucky me, I still have another full box of these in my freezer! Guess what we're having for breakfast tomorrow?

To learn more about these you can visit Tyson Breakfast Bread Bowls on the web, on Twitter, and on Facebook.

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias All opinions expressed in this post really are my own honest thoughts. I keep a proper disclosure statement available here.

Jen @ BigBinder March 21, 2012 at 12:43 pm

These look so good – what a filling breakfast (for dinner. Why can’t you be breaking your fast from lunch?). Love the picture of the guy at Sam’s posing for you – that’s hilarious!

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