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by Megan on April 14, 2012

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Last fall I confessed my excitement to see a real live Lakeshore Learning Store right here in Oklahoma City right after we moved in. It’s not far from my house and it’s so nice to know it’s there when I have some educational resource necessities.

I was recently given the opportunity to choose one of their many educational software titles to download and review. I’m telling you, that was a super hard decision. I just really struggled with which one to choose. In the end, I finally settled on the Multiply, Divide & Conquer Interactive Game as I thought it would be the most helpful for my two youngest daughters. This one is aimed for ages 4th-6th grades, though, so really it’s more appropriate for my two middle daughters. It’s pretty advanced for my 2nd grader. My experience with educational software in the past has been that it is usually below-grade level for what it says it is. I guess I’ve been trained by bad software companies. This one, though, was pretty true to what it said it would be. Here are some examples of what I’m talking about:

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Up to four people can play at one time.

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The problems are actually hard to work out in your head, so they provide work space and a “pencil” with which to do your figuring. The answers are multiple choice, though, so we found that once you started to figure out the problem, you could find the answer through quick process of elimination.

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Then, when you get it right, you get a little hearalding action:

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The software includes both a pre-assessment and a post-assessment test so you can see if it helped your young learner out at all.

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Good stuff! They have a ton of options available for you to download instantly and they are available for both Mac and PC systems. Ages range from toddler to 6th grader and there are a couple of teacher options as well.

The game I reviewed goes for $14.95. I think most of the titles range from $14.95-$19.95 for single home use.

One of you is going to win your own choice of single game, single family download from Lakeshore Learning Store! Entry is through the Rafflecopter form below.

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