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by Megan on May 15, 2012

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I was recently introduced to the Judah Bible Curriculum. I hadn't heard of them before receiving my review access to their content.

The Judah Bible Curriculum is a "Principle Approach" curriculum with the following distinctives (taken from their website):

  • The BIBLE is the textbook. The student studies and learns the Bible.
  • The student learns God's purpose in history, studying the hand of God in the lives of men and nations through the Bible.
  • The student develops his reasoning ability, helping him to apply Biblical principles personally.
  • The curriculum helps you shift from rote learning to Biblical reasoning.
  • The student learns the relationship between the sovereignty of God and the personal responsibility of the individual.
  • The student learns the relationship between individual character and national liberty.


They do this through an outline of content in a scope-and-sequence type of manner and a series of lectures designed to help educate the teacher (parent/teacher) so that you, as the teacher, teach your kids the concepts using primarily only the Bible as the textbook.

In addition to the 100 page manual and the over 500 minutes of audio lecture, they provide a 60 page sample notebook of written activities you might want to do with your kids.

Here's a sample from the manual of one of the outlines:

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And here is a sample from one of the sample notebook pages:

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I think it's important to note that of all the suggested notebook activity pages, none of them are "clean copies" – it looks like we're on our own to create our own using their suggestions as a guide.

As we are a family comprised of people who love God and believe in his Son, Jesus, I'm usually pretty interested when I hear of new ways to present biblical truths to my kids. Honestly, usually I'm hoping to find theologically sound resources that are presented in a really easy to grasp way and are also aesthetically pleasing.

As much as I want to say the Judah Bible Curriculum fits my three hopes, I'll quickly be honest and say that from what I've been able to tell in my review of it, it fits the first one. Granted, the first one is the most important one. I would buy a theologically sound resource that isn't "pretty" over a "pretty" resource that isn't theologically sound.

Just so long as we're clear here.

The thing about this is, I don't think we have to be limited to the first one only. For what I felt like I was getting from this curriculum (primarily a scope and sequence of the Bible for kids), I'm thinking the price is too high.

I like what Judah Bible Curriculum is trying to do, I just had kind of a difficult time getting it to make sense for me. I may be the only one here. There are many others who are reviewing this right now and it's working for them, so I want to be fair here – be sure to read their thoughts too!

This curriculum is available to order either by hard copy for $74 including shipping, for $44 for a pdf/mp3 download, a 40% discount over the hard copy version.

See what others had to say about the Judah Bible Curriculum here!

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 Disclaimer: The product was provided for the purpose of review. No other compensation was received. All thoughts are my own. I keep a proper disclosure statement available here.

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